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  1. Anonymous

    Sleep good, feel good I love it!

    The unit is nearly noiseless. On low or Sleep mode, I couldn’t hear a fan at all over the ambient noise of my home. I’ve caught myself on multiple occasions actually waving my hand over the unit to double check that it’s still running – it’s that quiet. My allergy symptoms have virtually disappeared (indoors at least). It is obviously removing the pollen, dust and mold from the air in my home. I can see the difference with the dust, and I can feel the difference with the other allergens.

    Having this machine helps removes dust and pollen. It is the reason why I got the OxyPure. It has helped get rid of the viruses and bacteria around the air it’s important to me because I don’t want to inhale it and I don’t want my family to either. It’s cold and flu season and this machine helps get rid a lot of things.

    I like everything about it.

    Oxypure Smart Air Purifier by NuwaveOxypure Smart Air Purifier by Nuwave

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  2. Rachel

    Incredible Purifier!

    Having an air purifier has become a necessity these days. Chemicals, smoke, dust, etc. are so prevalent. The Nuwave is definitely one of the best air purifiers around. I think the best. All five of my family, myself included, have allergies. Itchy eyes, noses that tickle, and sneezing. Not so fun. This purifier makes it so much better!

    I let it run all day, and there has been a definite decrease in our symptoms. I love that it has wheels. I move it from room to room, as needed. It is peace of mind to know the filters last so long. It is quiet, and only gets a little louder if it detects a smell or is cleaning. I never want to be without it.

    Oxypure Smart Air Purifier by NuwaveOxypure Smart Air Purifier by Nuwave

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  3. Hope

    Works Amazingly!! I love this so much!!

    I have a air purifier that I thought was working well until I got this great air purifier and actually saw how well it works and it was getting all the bad odors and germs that my other one wasn’t. I have a baby with a heart defect and animals, so it’s very important that I keep the air in my home clean. This does the job so well at keeping my air clean and odors away. This has a 4 filter system that last up to 20 years and you even get extra filters with it. This is sp easy to use and clean. You can also use this on wifi to be able to control anytime.

    When I first used mine, it was cleaning the air of all the germs and things. I set it to auto and it was detecting odors and bad air quality for a few days. I would occasionally set it ot turbo or ultimate clean. Now, I set it to auto and my air isn’t dirty like when I first got it, because it stays mostly on clean air. It does detect and remove all kinds of odors. I also love that it keeps the pet dander down and helps my allergies so much. This removes 100% of airborne particles and smoke and 99.5% of airborne viruses and bacteria. It also to 1 part per billion.

    It’s eco friendly and also has sleep mode. I am extremely happy with it and it works so good.

    Oxypure Smart Air Purifier by NuwaveOxypure Smart Air Purifier by Nuwave

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