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Oxypure Smart Air Purifier: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You'll Ever Need to Know

A NuWave OxyPure smart air purifier can make a world of difference if you suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions. It helps you keep a close eye on your indoor air quality and breathe a little easier. With cleaner indoor air, get peace of mind knowing that you and your family are protected from airborne pathogens, experience fewer allergy symptoms, and sleep better at night.

Among the many air purifiers in the market today, finding an air purifier brand suitable for your home can be a challenge. Knowing and researching all the details about each purifier can be time consuming. As such, we have compiled a list of facts and figures for our OxyPure so that your decision can be made easier!

What You Need to Know About NuWave OxyPure Smart Air Purifier

The Oxyure air purifier is unlike any other air purifier on the market. If you’re looking for an air purifier that will efficiently purify the air inside your home, keep reading below to find out more about our OxyPure.

1. It has an advanced four-filter system

Our smart air purifier utilises a four-filter system designed to completely clean the air in your home. At the same time, it can maintain strong positive airflow to aid in circulating clean air through your rooms. Its four-filter system includes:

  • Washable/reusable Stainless-Steel Pre-Filter – It can capture large or coarse particles, such as pet danders, dust, and smoke.
  • Washable/Reusable Bio-Guard Filter – It kills and destroys bacteria, viruses, and moulds.
  • Ozone Emission Removal Filter – This Ozone filter lowers ozone concentrations to 1ppb, 70 times lower than EPA limits and is CARB-Certified.
  • HEPA/Activated Carbon Combo Filter – Removes industrial emissions, VOCs, and dangerous household fumes.

2. It has a CADR rating of 351.3 sq. ft.

The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) measures how quickly and efficiently an air purifier can clean the air in a room. The higher the CADR rating, the better. OxyPure has a CADR rating of 351.3 square feet, meaning it can clean the air in rooms up to 300 square feet very quickly and efficiently.

3. It can clean large spaces

Aside from its relatively high CADR, OxyPure has coverage up to 111m2 or 1200 sq. ft. cleaning the entire room every 30 minutes at the highest settings. As long as you place the air purifier in the centre of your home and you keep the doors of the rooms open, OxyPure can keep strong air circulation while simultaneously removing airborne pathogens.

4. Automatic Sensors & 360° Air Intake

To provide you with the cleanest air possible, our smart air purifier is equipped with automatic sensors that detect changes in air quality and adjust the fan speed accordingly. It also has a 360° air intake, allowing the OxyPure to be positioned anywhere in the room, as opposed to many units that needed to be placed against a wall to be effective.

5. It has been tested and certified by Intertek Testing Services

Here at NuWave, we ensure that OxyPure is put through a series of tests through Intertek Testing Services. The certification process included several analyses that showed that the OxyPure can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns with a 99.97% efficiency rate and proved to have a 99.9% removal rate for using smoke, dust, and pollen. It was also put through an ozone removal test and successfully lowered the concentration of ozone in a room by up to 97%.

More than that, OxyPure removed an average of 99.99% of the airborne pathogens, including the H3N2 Influenza virus (99.96%), E. coli bacteria (99.99%), Staphylococcus Albus bacteria (99.99%), Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria (99.99%), and Aspergillus Niger bacteria (99.99%).

Do You Want Clean Indoor Air? Invest in OxyPure Smart Air Purifiers Today!

The quality of indoor air that you breathe can have a significant impact on your overall health. With an OxyPure purifier in your home, you’ll experience fewer allergy symptoms, sleep better at night, and have peace of mind knowing that your family is protected from airborne pathogens.

If you’re looking for an air purifier that can make a difference in your indoor air quality, read what our customers have to say in their NuWave OxyPure review!. To order air purifier Melbourne, go to our store page today!

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