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Reasons Why Your Business Should Invest in an Oxypure Smart Air Purifier

Did you know that indoor air quality is 5 to 10 times worse than outdoor air? Several pollutants are found inside offices, restaurants, and other business establishments. Unsurprisingly, they can be found in your place of business as well. To give your employees and customers clean air, investing in NuWave OxyPure purifiers is the way to go!

Are air purifiers worth it? Aside from the rising levels of air pollution, the demand for air purification heightened because of the emergence of COVID-19. Using our air purifier at NuWave helps mitigate health risks, especially in the prevalence of airborne bacteria and viruses today. With its many features, having one can provide benefits that can help your employees and customers, making it worth the investment

7 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in an OxyPure Smart Air Purifier

Every workplace needs an air purifier. It can range from small units to robust units, but they are all easy to use. For a business place, you should have a large air purifier like OxyPure that has an advanced 5-filter system and can clean an entire room of up to 1,200sq.ft.

Investing in the best air purifier for your business can go a long way, and here are the reasons you should:

1. Make Employees Feel Safe Going to Work

COVID-19 is not the only major airborne disease today. There’s also SARS, MERS, tuberculosis, and norovirus that might make your employees feel uneasy going back to the office. You can reassure them that you’re preventing disease transmission through proper ventilation, and an air purifier can supplement that. Our OxyPure™ has a HEPA filter that can kill over 99.5% of bacteria and viruses within 2 hours of detection!

2. Customers Feel Safe

Many customers prefer dining al fresco, but your restaurant might only accommodate a few. To make them feel safe while dining inside, ensure that you have an air purifier that can eliminate pollutants and clean the air every minute. The NuWave OxyPure™ air purifier can remove 100% of allergens, plus an Ozone filter to lower ozone concentrations.

3. Reduce Stress Levels

As lockdowns and restrictions ease, it’s challenging for some people to return to a “normal” life. Whether they’re eating out or returning to the office, mixing with other people might be overwhelming, especially if they have COVID-19 anxiety syndrome. Adding a trustworthy air purifier in your place of business can ease their anxieties and stress as it shows you have positively invested in their health and safety.

4. Improve Work Productivity

A study by Harvard University found that poor indoor air quality decreases productivity because it reduces brain power. If performance is compromised, your company will be affected as well. To combat this effect and promote work productivity, we highly recommend our air purifier to provide clean air quality with its 360° air intake.

5. Maintain a Clean Place

Working or eating in a place can make any person uncomfortable. Though cleaning products can wipe off specks of dust and dirt in surface areas, the chemicals can be harmful if inhaled every day. NuWave OxyPure has clean air technology to lessen the amount of dust in the establishment, helping you maintain the cleanliness of your business place!

6. Protect Equipment

Printers and coffee makers in your business need to be kept in a clean environment. It can prevent the build-up of dust particles in the machine that can cause breakdowns. With one OxyPure™ air purifier, it can extend the life of your equipment.

7. Save Money

Saving money and reducing energy costs are some of the benefits that you can have when you invest in air purifiers. It’s only going to affect a fraction of your capital outlay compared to the installation and energy costs of in-built HVAC systems. So, if you want to save, get an air purifier!

Get an OxyPure Smart Air Purifier Today!

With the functions our air purifiers can perform to make any indoor air quality clean, getting units of OxyPure™ is a wise investment. Plenty of research has shown that filtering the air helps remove harmful particles in indoor spaces. Thus, your business will become a safe place for your valued employees and customers which can see that you are taking measures to ensure they remain healthy!

At NuWave, we provide OxyPure air purifiers as business solutions ideal for companies in the healthcare, food service, and commercial industry. We’re here to help you ensure that the air in your workplace is clean so you can reap all the benefits of having an air purifier in Australia!

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