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Why Air Purifier Is A Must Have Today Amidst Covid-19

In this day and age, air purifiers have become essential household products to improve indoor air quality. After scientists have thoroughly studied the coronavirus, searches for indoor air quality have become more popular than ever. It wasn’t long before the use of a tested air purifier to fight COVID assisted in decreasing the spread of harmful particle pollutants, such as viruses, bacteria, pollen and dust in the air.

Studies proved that wearing a mask and practising social distancing can significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, people are concerned about possible aerosol transmission indoors where there is limited space, such as in homes, schools, and restaurants. With this in mind, health departments encouraged the use of indoor air purifiers in such establishments.

6 Reasons an Air Purifier is a Must-Have Today Amidst Covid-19

Even before COVID-19, businesses have tried to learn how to improve air quality as a result of worsening air pollution. One of the best ways that helped improve air quality indoors was through the use of air purifiers. But, why do people need to have an air purifier in time of COVID?

Here are reasons you should invest in an air purifier today:

1. Its Filtration System Eliminates Airborne Pathogens

Most air purifiers today are engineered with multiple layers of filtration. In this way, every time air passes through its filters, it produces clean air that is safe to breathe. You’ll find that many air purifiers have two filter layers: a pre-filter and an active or primary filter. While those are independently effective, during the time of COVID, an air purifier with a 5-filter will give you peace of mind.

2. Protect Your Family

A .01 micron is one of the tiniest particles that has the potential of being the most damaging. It’s one of the carriers of viruses that causes coronavirus diseases and can attach to respiratory droplets in the air. While air purifiers can’t capture the virus, they can capture the respiratory droplets that carry it, protecting your family from inhaling these micron particles that may carry COVID.

3. Ease of Mind

As parents, undoubtedly you want to know your kids will be safe inside school premises. With fewer pandemic restrictions, schools have been opening their classrooms for face-to-face classes. Fortunately, several schools and kindergartens have adopted air purifiers now to improve air circulation to lessen the risk of possible virus transmission and ease the minds of the parents, as well as the children.

4. Return to a Normal Routine

Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health, making it difficult to return to our “normal” lives. But, with today’s advanced technologies, you can ease into your pre-pandemic routine because there is equipment, such as an air purifier, to assist in keeping the air clean in classrooms, restaurants, and offices.

5. Sleep Better at Night

Do you have sleeping problems? If so, an air purifier might be the device that might help you. Leaving your air purifier on while sleeping has several benefits but, most of all, it helps reduce your exposure to allergens that often disrupt your sleep. Additionally, it provides white noise that shortens the onset of your sleep time.

6. Improve Overall Health

Indoor air quality has always been an issue. The air in your home or office may have several pollutants and allergens. Fortunately, using an air purifier can eliminate these particles that may trigger respiratory infections by giving you fresh air to breathe and, essentially, keeping you healthy! 

Do Air Purifiers Work for Covid?

Alongside wearing a mask, social distancing, and keeping your place clean every day, a trusted and effective air purifier can help lessen the risk of bacteria or virus transmission. Essentially, protecting you and your family from contracting  COVID. Investing in an air purifier, especially units that have a HEPA filter to fight COVID, can be an effective safety measure as such units have a robust filtration system that can clean the air in your home or workplace.

Get NuWave’s OxyPure Smart Air Purifier Today!

Air filtration is the common approach used to capture airborne COVID-19 particles, and scientists and regulatory agencies generally agree with this. An air purifier with a HEPA filter like OxyPure will assist in removing viruses from the air. Hence, you should consider the filtration system or design if you want to get the best air purifiers for COVID.

Whether you want to install an air purifier in your home or your business establishment, our customers can attest to the effectiveness of our OxyPure air purifier!

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