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Why Air Purifier Is An Appliance You Need To Consider For Your Home

When the COVID-19 pandemic obliged people to stay at home, many people spent most of their time indoors. However, what most homeowners don’t know is that indoor air is more polluted than the air outside. It can put your family members with respiratory problems at risk. Thus, we recommend that you use an air purifier to make the air in your home cleaner.


Why You Need to Consider Investing in an Air Purifier

Investing in any home appliance is never an easy decision to make. From finding the right brand to budgeting the cost, you have to find the right reasons to invest in any specific appliance in your home. The question you may be pondering on- are air purifiers worth it? If you ask us, air purifiers, with their advanced filtration system are an essential to every household. Keep reading to find out why below!

You have asthma or allergies

Poor air circulation may lead to frequent sneezing, coughing, and other symptoms that trigger your asthma or allergies. While medications may help, you cannot always rely on them. To reduce dependency on relief medications, investing in an air purifier with multiple filters, including a HEPA filter, will help you out.

You live near a major main road

One of the primary sources of air pollution today is automobiles. If you live near the main road, air pollutants have likely made their way inside your home, increasing your risk of developing heart and respiratory problems. An air purifier uses clean air technology that can eliminate pollutants and circulate fresh air that’s safe to inhale.

Your neighbourhood has particular pollution problems

Living in a neighbourhood that’s near forest fires poses a great risk of inhaling fine particles, chemicals, gases, and odours. It can lead to developing lung cancer and may cause premature death. Fortunately, investing in an air purifier with pounds of activated carbon and HEPA filtration can help filter out these particles to maintain a healthy environment for your loved ones.

You live in a bushfire-prone area

Regardless of the season, some parts of Australia are prone to bushfires. If you live in these parts, you should take extra measures to avoid inhaling toxic fumes and heavy smoke. Staying indoors amid these bushfires is crucial, and having an air purifier helps reduce ultra-fine particles and freshen the air for you to inhale safely.

You smoke indoors

Do you or a family member smoke inside the house? If so, you don’t want to expose other family members to secondhand smoking. Cigarettes contain several poisonous gases and chemicals that may cause serious illnesses in the heart and lungs. Using an air purifier, engineered with activated carbon and HEPA filters, can remove cigarette smoke and odours for both secondhand and thirdhand smoke.

You keep getting sick

Bacteria and viruses are microscopic organisms that measure around 0.2 to 0.1 micrometres. In homes, they can float in the air where they can be inhaled, infecting you with colds or a fever. Preventing common illnesses is one of the many benefits of an air purifier!

You have pets

Pets are a part of the family, but living with their dander, fur, and smelly litter can lead to decreased indoor air quality. With that, an air purifier truly benefits pet owners because it can filter out pet dander and fur, leaving you with clean air to breathe. 

You want to sleep better

Having a good night’s sleep improves your body’s immune system, maintains a healthy weight, and lowers your risk of serious health problems. However, the pollen and dust circulating in your bedroom air can trigger allergy symptoms that disrupt your sleep. Keeping an air purifier on at night will clean the air for a night of uninterrupted sleep.

You work at home

According to one Harvard University study, poor indoor air quality can negatively affect your health and productivity. Thus, when you’re working from home, having a clean air environment is essential. Having an air purifier in your home office will remove the particles in the air to help you fulfil any task at hand!

Looking for a Quality Air Purifier? Invest in OxyPure Today!

While regular cleaning and ventilating interior spaces with clean outdoor air can help in getting rid of most pollutants and allergens in the air of your home, a trusted air purifier can contribute to filtering out fine particles which are left behind. Investing in trusted brands like OxyPure can make your home a safe, allergen-free place!

If you want to order a smart air purifier Australia unit for your home, visit our website today!

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